5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing your Next Van


Caravanning can bring you immense pleasure and a renewed sense of adventure, but if you start your new journey in the wrong vehicle it can lead to a dreadful and heartbreaking experience. If you’re new to caravanning and you’re unsure as to what to ask, read on and check out our must ask questions before you buy.

Will I need a new car?

What car of 4wd you own will determine what you can tow safely and legally. If you currently have a family sedan, but you’re looking at a larger caravan, you may want to think again unless you are in the market for a new car as well.

If you need to upgrade your car to tow the van you just bought your holiday dreams may come to an abrupt halt, or cost you thousands more than you budgeted for.

If upgrading your car is not an option, check out its towing capacity first and keep this in mind when you’re searching. Anyway, bigger isn’t always better, there are plenty of small caravans for sale in NSW that will get you on the road in style.

Is this your first or last Caravan?

This may sound like a silly question to ask yourself but realistically you don't want to go out and buy that luxury van that’s the biggest in its class if you’ve never towed before. There is much to learn when you’re new to caravanning and it’s not all about going in a straight line.

Remember you will need to store your van when it’s not in use, reverse park it into spot and navigate towns, so if you’re new to caravanning you may want to cut your teeth on something small until you get used to having an extended windbreak hitched to the back of your car.

Where do I want to go?

Before you start your search for your perfect escape vehicle, you’ll want to know where you plan on taking your van. Off-road vans can be much more expensive than standard vans, but they are essential if you want to get right off the beaten track. Also, think about how long you want to go for and how self-sufficient you will have to be for that time. Will there be shops? Or Showers? Or does your van need the storage capacity to keep you comfortable for weeks?

We suggest writing up a list of “must have” features and then “love to have” features so you can guarantee you don’t forget something when you see the perfect Van. 

Does my new van come with warranty?

Like any vehicle, warranties will vary in their length and what they cover. When you first go looking for your caravan you might find a big variation in price so make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. This means, make sure that each company has the same warranty and covers the same things. You don't want to get stuck on the open road with nothing covering you if something breaks.

There’s plenty of cheap caravans for sale in NSW but not all of them are worthy of your hard earned dollars.

If in doubt ask as many questions as you can and read the fine print. Reputable dealers like Avan NSW will take you through everything that’s covered and make sure you’re ready to go.

Lastly - New or Used

This is an important one to consider as they both will have their pros and cons. A new van will give you the warranty you’re after and you know that it has no previous damage that you simply can’t see. On the flip side, a used van can have added extras that you didn't think about as it’s had previous owners that have modified as they went to make it more practical and comfortable.

Either way you’ll still get the chance to drive off into the sunset and in the end this ones a personal choice that no-one except you should influence.

There are so many brand new caravans for sale and a whole range of used caravans as well so take your time and choose the one that’s best for you.

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