Winter Travelling – How to make the best of the winter season in your caravan!

While it may be tempting to tuck the caravan away and stay warm, the advantages of travelling in the winter can be worthwhile: the roads are quieter, the air is more refreshing, and the atmosphere, especially when the sun rises over the mountains is unlike any other. Plus, you avoid the heat, mosquitoes, and summer crowds. If you enjoy these things then winter is a terrific time to go caravanning, and many parts of Australia enjoy moderate and pleasant winters, making them ideal winter holiday destinations. Winter has its own set of obstacles, like wild weather, freezing temperatures, and rain, whether you're headed to the mountains or a more tropical place like the north of our beautiful state. Here are some suggestions for keeping warm during your winter trips. Follow them to ensure that your winter caravanning vacation is one to remember.

Ensure Your Caravan is Winter Proofed

You'll be sure to be travelling through some wet and wild weather while caravanning in the winter, and you'll probably be staying overnight in it. Check that all of your vehicle's and caravan's seals are in good working order, and be aware of the special driving abilities and equipment required when towing in rainy and windy conditions. It is best to make sure everything is waterproofed, and no draughts can get into your caravan by performing a comprehensive maintenance inspection beforehand. In extreme weather, frozen pipes may occur in the morning, and the water in your portable tank may also freeze during extended stays. To ensure that you have water in the morning, insulate the pipes the same way you would at home. Remember to have a decent water heater on hand for those hot showers.

Save on Powered Sites

Site costs in caravan parks are often lower in the winter, and the crown will be less too. This is one of the reasons to book a powered site so you can use your heater more frequently and even use your electric blanket. You can also mingle with some of your other travellers and view the sights during the day, away from the summer rush.

Purchase Heavy Curtains

Windows can get overlooked easily, yet they are one of the significant contributors to heat loss from the caravan. Adding another layer of insulation between you and the outside world by fixing thick curtains is a simple method to keep the caravan warm at night. Applying felt weatherstripping or window-sealing tape over window joints also helps with the cold.

Place a Rug in Your Caravan

The floors of caravans can get extremely cold. A van's undercarriage circulates a lot of chilly air, although it's not particularly dense. Carpets, rugs, and mats can enhance air quality, reduce noise, and make your caravan cozy and warmer. Putting some carpet floor mats significantly improves the warmth of the floor. Mats could also be placed on either side of your bed. Avoid rubber-backed mats as they may leave marks on vinyl floors.

Make the Most of the Oven

When the rain is dripping down your windows, there's no better way to be warm and cozy than baking something. You can have your cake and be warm too! Using the oven does two tasks at once: it provides a warm home-cooked meal while also heating your caravan.

Invest in a Portable Gas Heater

Portable gas heaters are an excellent alternative when a fire isn't an option. Disposable gas canister heaters are light and portable, allowing you to set up camp almost anyplace. Portable gas heaters are also a viable alternative for those looking to travel light. However, it is important to note that portable heaters should not be used inside tents or caravans since carbon monoxide poisoning can occur.


Good quality bedding is essential for staying warm at night. A nice feather quilt will keep you cosy and warm. A good old fashioned woollen blanket on top of your mattress can help keep the mattress warmer when it gets particularly cold. You can also use an electric blanket when you have a 240-volt supply.

Keeping Condensation Low

During the winter, condensation is a significant factor in a van. When moist air comes into touch with cold surfaces, such as the walls of your van, condensation happens. Some of the moisture is released as water droplets on the walls. Leave your heater on overnight to minimise this if possible. If you can't turn on your heater, cracking a roof vent or window open will assist. It helps to have a pair of moisture absorbers for the van during the winter.

Closing up Your Caravan

If it's been a pleasant day and you've left your van open, you'll want to close it as soon as it begins to cool down. Keep your windows, curtains, and roof hatches closed. If you have curtains, pull them across as well. You'll be astonished at how long the warmth will last in your van. Following these practical tips will leave you pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to stay warm while caravanning in the winter; You need not be frightened off by the prospect of cold weather in winter! You can enjoy the winter season too. Avan - CTA Whether you're a first-time camper or a seasoned adventurer, Avan NSW is here to assist you in selecting the ideal caravan for your needs. Our experienced team will offer expert guidance on all of your caravan and camping needs to keep you safe and cosy this winter. We will ensure you have everything you'll need for a pleasant journey. Call us at 02 4721 2222, email us at, or reach out to us at to gain the benefit of our expertise.
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