Before Setting Off, Remember these Caravanning Tips


If you’re new to the world of caravanning there are many things you’ll need to remember before setting off one your first big adventure. From buying a new caravan, to packing it ready for your trip you’ll want to follow some simple steps to make sure your get off on the right foot. Even seasoned travellers can do with a reminder or two before they head off from home on their next adventure. And we can all make sure someone knows our planned route.


Vehicle Checks

It’s not all about your van. You want to make sure you’ve had your car or truck serviced, you’ve filled the oil and the tyres are in good condition. Getting your air conditioning and heating checked is also imperative to make the long journeys in between comfortable in all conditions. Ensure you have set your car up for success, for instance if you plan on cold weather and even snow, do you have the right tyres? Snow chains etc. Don’t be left out in the cold if you hit bad weather.

Check your Van

The same checks you do on your car should also be done on your van. Have it serviced, check the tyres and check you have gas and water filled and ready for your adventure. Don’t forget to check things such as wheel nuts and tyre pressure periodically. These are things that may not be obvious to the naked eye but will cause real problems if you find out whilst you're on the road.

Getting Packed

When you’re packing your van make sure you think about proper weight distribution. If your extra water and fuel is at one end of your van, you’ll want to pack the other heavier stuff such as luggage at the other end. The last thing you want is a can that is carrying all its weight at one end making it uneven and dangerous.

Medical Supplies

It may not always be possible to duck into a chemist whilst your on the road so carrying the basics with you will make it easy if you come down with a common ailment. Also, make sure you have a good first aid kit onboard in case of accidents while you’re camping. Just heading off for an afternoon hike could result in a fall or a scrape that could be worrying if you don't have some basic supplies.

Batten the Hatches

A loose item is a hazard. All caravans come with locks on everything and for good reason. When you pack you van make sure that everything is secure and can’t roll around the van. You may end up pulling into camp after a long day driving only to find the inside of your caravan looks like you’ve been burgled on the road if you don't ensure everything is secure.

Lastly, Make a List

These are just a few of the considerations when you head off in your caravan from Sydney or anywhere in Australia. Make a list and stick to it. Do all your checks, pack well and enjoy your adventure. If you don't yet have your van get started by finding a caravan for sale on our site and we’ll help you start your checklist for your next holiday.

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