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Small Caravan

If you want to travel around in Australia in a light and simple way with some bare essentials, then a small caravan is enough for you. A smaller caravan can be a lighter and more flexible option for an off-road vacation while still providing all the benefits of caravan life. Here we attempt to list out some of the advantages of a small caravan to make the best decision for yourself on purchasing a caravan.

Easy to tow

Small caravans are generally lighter and easier to transport than large caravans. A smaller caravan is lighter and easier to tow with less drag, making handling it a less strenuous and safer driving experience. Reversing, turning, and parking can all be difficult with a large caravan. If you're towing a large caravan down a small track, for example, you could be stuck for room to turn around and end up struggling to reverse out properly.

Turning or reversing can be easier in a small caravan, which will give you a much tighter turning circle. A tiny caravan has less drag due to its lesser weight and smaller shape.

More economy

A smaller caravan might satisfy your demands more cost-effectively if the bulk of a large caravan is unnecessary. This means you may be able to pull a tiny caravan without purchasing or renting a powerful 4WD, as they can often be hitched to a regular vehicle.

The cost of acquiring a small or compact caravan is another benefit. Small, compact caravans can cost as little as $20,000 new, making them a viable option for many people.

A small, compact caravan will be much easier on the gas tank, significantly lowering the cost of travel. The cost of acquiring a small or compact caravan is another benefit. The lighter the caravan is, the less fuel you'll consume when you're on the road.

Easy to store 

On the other hand, small caravans take up less room in garages and carports, making them much easier to store when not in use. A huge caravan takes up a lot of space and can be challenging to fit into a standard garage. When deciding on the proper size caravan for your purposes, you should always take in the expense of caravan storage. A small, compact caravan is easier to store and can even be parked in a driveway or garage.

More Flexible

Although it may require the assistance of a few people, you will be able to transport your caravan by hand whenever you choose. This allows you to position your caravan without using a noisy vehicle.

Driving Ease

A small caravan is shorter and thinner and lighter, making hooking up and travelling on the road much less of a hassle. Small caravans are around 3.5 metres long, whereas larger caravans can be up to 7.5 metres long.

Space for Storage

Many mini caravans have been developed with smart storage places due to their modest size. They often include an annexe, which can quadruple your living space once you've settled in.

General Advantages

When it comes to buying a tiny or small caravan, there is no need to sacrifice style. Many of the smaller caravans, teardrop-shaped vans, and campers, in fact, look fantastic on the road. Small caravans are popular and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. With such a large selection, you'll have an easier time finding a tiny caravan that fits your budget and requirements. Smaller caravans usually have a better design than their larger counterparts. Small caravans frequently feature creative and innovative ways to reduce space while preserving the necessary things. In contrast, huge caravans usually follow a similar trend.

Towing a compact caravan has several advantages, especially if you're new to caravanning and camping. They also have a slew of extras, such as solar panels, heating, air conditioning, water storage, cookers, refrigerators, and audio/video players.

Buying and taking care of your small caravan

Avan Campers, Caravans and Motorhomes is committed to meeting all your caravanning needs. We have a wide variety of used caravans for sale and new caravans for sale that are guaranteed to meet your needs. We are not just about selling our wide range of caravans. We try to ensure that you get the caravan of your choice. We have several large and small caravans for sale to meet every requirement. In addition, We support you with servicing and spare parts too. Just buying your ideal caravan is not the end of it; regardless of the size of your caravan, it must be serviced regularly. Contact Avan to schedule a caravan servicing or learn more about caravan upgrades and repairs for your tiny caravan. 

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