Buying a Motorhome – New vs Pre-Owned

New or Used Motorhome

You are now looking at buying a motorhome and have come up against the question that every person looking at a motorhome runs up against, sooner or later - should you buy a used motorhome or a new one? This blog deals with the evergreen question of buying used motorhomes versus buying new motorhomes. Each side of the debate has advantages and disadvantages. Whether you buy new or used should ultimately be determined by your unique preferences and circumstances. We will assume that the homework concerning the type of motorhome, what you will be using it for, who will be using it, the distance it will travel, parking vs storage etc., are all done. Economics also has a significant say in buying a used motorhome or a new motorhome. However, we would like to suggest a few more things to consider when purchasing.

Buying a used motorhome

Price: A used motorhome will be cheaper when compared with a new one. Depreciation would ensure that you would save a good amount of money upfront while buying a used one.

No surprises: A well-maintained used motorhome that has been appropriately taken care of will not have many issues in the usual run of things. Any existing issues would have been already identified and fixed.

Additional modifications: Many of the used motorhomes available on the market would have had improvements made like solar panels, extra tanks, bike racks etc., already done. If you had an idea of having these done to your motorhome already, this would be a bonus, saving you time and money on doing them by yourself new.

Points to consider before buying: When buying used, get a service history and make sure the necessary materials, especially oil, have been changed regularly with high-quality products. Sometimes the cheapest oil is used instead of the one recommended by the manufacturer, which can shorten the engine's lifespan.

Buying a new motorhome

Warranty: The most significant benefit of buying a new motorhome would be the warranty. If anything should go wrong, the manufacturer will either replace or repair the product. Everyone worries about additional issues with the purchase, and having a warranty is a sure-fire way to minimise that worry.

Get what you want: When you buy new, you get something that is untouched, and if you can afford it, you can get the motorhome of your dreams upfront, or you can modify the home as and when you can afford it make it your dream motor home.

Features: A new motorhome is equipped with all the most up-to-date safety and comfort features and manufactured to meet the most current emission standards.

Overall, we need to look at:

Economics: Though already mentioned, it is worth looking at again. Economic considerations come into play, and this is dependent on the expected time of ownership. Anyone considering a motorhome for an extended period – say, seven years or more – may find buying new a more cost-effective option. Surprisingly, it may also work out in the short term, as a lightly used motorhome with little mileage may still sell at a premium.

Financing: If you plan to secure a loan to buy your motorhome, when you buy new, you'll usually be able to get better credit terms like a lower loan rate, a lesser down payment, and a variety of term length options. On the other hand, loan rates on a used motorhome are often higher. You'll almost always have to put down a higher deposit, and most banks will not allow particularly long-term loans on a used buy due to the unit's age. You should always shop around for the best financing choices, whether you buy new or second-hand.

Our take: There is no one-size-fits-all logic to buying new versus buying used. Both tend to have their advantages and disadvantages. If you can afford it, buying a new motorhome does have a lot of benefits. If you are on a tighter budget purchasing a pre-owned motorhome from a reputed dealer will undoubtedly let you have most of the advantages of buying a new one at a significant discount on the price too. A good dealer makes a big difference with purchasing a motorhome, used or new. Visit to avail of the best deals available for new and preowned motorhomes from Avan New South Wales.

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