Buying vs Renting a Motorhomes in Australia

Buying vs renting a motorhome in Australia
Buying vs renting a motorhome in Australia
Since domestic travel in Australia resumed, sales of campervans and caravans have skyrocketed, and caravan parks have experienced tremendous traffic growth. At first glance, it would appear that the increase in caravan sales was for obvious safety reasons. Many people who would usually travel abroad are now staying in Australia for extended periods.  Additionally, some risk reduction was involved since people may have felt safer from COVID if they could be in their own van instead of staying in a different hotel every night. The cost would have been another important consideration. If you were to take a two-week road trip across Australia, the minimum cost of lodging for two people could come up to $2000, and when you are looking at a family of four, the cost of accommodation for four people could go up to twice that much.

The Benefits Of Leasing a Motorhome:

If you've never taken a motorhome vacation, it can be worthwhile to rent one first to get a taste of the way of life. If this is your first motorhome holiday, we strongly advise that you, at the very least, try one out first, regardless of how long or where you wish to visit. Hiring a motorhome in Australia can be expensive. Ideally, you would rent a caravan only if it is for a very short trip or to get to know about your capacity for caravanning if you are new to the RV experience.  You should consider the kind of vehicle you are using and if you are planning an extended vacation or a weekend getaway and wish to tour this lovely and enormous country. 

Pros of Renting a Motorhome:

  1. You can start using the van immediately. 
  2. You do not have to worry about getting the van checked and registered. 
  3. If the vehicle has problems, you won't have to bother about upkeep (all hire companies offer a roadside assistance program).
  4. You are covered by consumer rights laws while renting a campervan or motorhome in Australia.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Motorhome:

 It will be far more cost-effective than renting one if you plan to travel for extended periods. It is simple; buy a used motorhome or campervan and use it; afterwards, you may resell it to recover some of your investment. When you rent, that money is lost. At the same time, you may spend $10,000 to purchase a good older model used campervan in Australia. A lot depends on when you're travelling. During the summer, there is a lot of demand and sale prices tend to be high. The autumn months of March to May are the best times to purchase a used campervan because this is when other travellers are looking to sell their caravans.  However, when purchasing a campervan, it is always better to buy from a reputed company that specialises in selling both new and used motorhomes. Avan NSW is one of the best places to purchase caravans in Australia. As reputed caravan dealers in NSW, they have a stunning line-up from all major caravan manufacturers to suit your budget and lifestyle for both new and seasoned travellers. 

Pros of Owning a Motorhome

  1. Packing is a lot easier. If you frequently travel in your motorhome and are on the go, this may not be something you consider, but it can help you save time. Over time, the packing will be minimal if you own your caravan. Almost anything can be left inside if you haven't been travelling.
  2. You get to know your vehicle well. Every motorhome is simultaneously very different and quite similar. Learning the small oddities that make each motorhome distinctive takes time. If you own a motorhome, you will soon become accustomed to how it operates, know if something seems unusual, and have confidence in your ability to predict how long your supplies will last.
  3. You are a free bird who can set out on an adventure anytime. Almost nothing sparks your sense of adventure quite like having your RV. Being able to jump in your RV and head off to whichever place came to mind next is just so flexible. There may be weekends when you have nothing scheduled, but, on a whim, decide to take a long weekend getaway because the weather was so great.
  4. You can live in a motorhome. Another application that many RV owners have found is that they can use it as home! If you own a motorhome, you might use it as a temporary residence while your primary residence is either renovated or fumigated. In this manner, travel time and accommodation costs can be minimised. The benefit of having a bathroom within the van makes living in or travelling much easier when on the road. This eliminates the requirement for long-distance travellers to stop for restroom breaks. On multi-day off-road journeys, the built-in showers with hot and cold water let you stay clean. During lockdowns, campervans gained popularity as offices for working from home. 
  5. It is a lifestyle. Despite the current trends and how cool and carefree it appears to be to live in an RV full-time, owning a motorhome is a way of life. People become passionate about it and love talking with other campervan owners. They will constantly recognise each other. Due to the cramped conditions, you have no choice but to interact socially with both your family and nearby campers. Families who own motorhomes and spend at least one weekend a month on an excursion wind up creating memories and spending time together. This is excellent quality time spent with loved ones and a break from the same old routine that might make us irritable and rude.
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