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Camping is a favourite pastime of many Australians both young and old and our reason for getting out into the great outdoors varies greatly. Some find it therapeutic and relaxing to get out and explore, while others just have the travel bug and want to see as much of this great country as they can. Whatever your reason, we all have one thing in common, we want to be comfortable.

When it comes to camping comfort everyone agrees….A campervan is far more convenient and durable than a tent and much cheaper than a caravan, but finding the right campervan for your adventure can sometimes be a minefield of options, sizes and configurations that can be tricky to decipher.

When you start looking for your next campervan, caravan or motorhome you’ll want to be aware of the differences and the pros of each so read on to see why we feel a campervan is a great choice for your next adventure.

No Towing

This one is pretty obvious, but the benefits of choosing whether to tow or not are huge. There are many people that are scared of towing, or simply have never done it before and would rather keep it that way. With your new campervan there is no need to tow, you’re simply driving an oversized car around the country making it far less stressful for first time explorers.

Not needing to tow can mean the difference between having one or two drivers as you find with most couples, theres’ always one person that will be more comfortable with towing and reversing a caravan, but if there’s no towing involved you’ll find that in most cases both people are now happy to take a turn at the wheel.

Easy Set Up

Drive in, pull on the handbrake and you have a house. With a campervan there is no set up required. All your living space is there ready to go so if you happen to be arriving in pouring rain or 40 degree whether it doesn’t matter, your van is already set up and you’re ready to get out, stretch your legs and explore your surrounds with no fuss or wasted time.

Who wants to be pulling out awnings, setting up tarps and setting down flooring when you could be feet up, with a cheese platter and a glass of wine watching your first outback sunset.

Temperature Controlled

If you’ve ever walked out of your nice warm house in the middle of winter to get into a cold car you’ll know how uncomfortable this can be. On the flip side aluminium can be stifling in the heat of summer. If you’re arriving in a campervan the air conditioning and heating in the van has been running whilst you drive and therefore your living and sleeping areas are already temperature controlled.

No more leaving the heated seats for a cold caravan interior.  And you don’t have to wait for your van to hit your desired temp before being able to relax or crawl into bed after a long day on the road.

Towing and Payload

The payload of a campervan so often higher than a caravan meaning you can pack more into it from the start and not have to stop to fill up on food and water so often. You can pack in all your essentials up front and take them with you from home.

The other great advantage is you can still tow if you’re so inclined. This is great if you’d like to take your boat along and explore the waterways as well as the roads. You're not limited to just the on land stuff.

Wild Camping

The fact that your campervan is more compact means that you can go anywhere and everywhere your heart desires. They are far more suited to wild camping and off road areas as they can maneuver around bends and through narrow roads much easier than a van.

As they are already set up when you get there it’s much more convenient in a campervan to be off the beaten track and still be comfortable.

Off-Season Storage

Most people would love to travel for a living but usually that’s just not the case. That means in all your downtime where you’re not using your campervan you’ll need to store it somewhere. With a caravan that usually means bringing it up on the grass, around the side or even paying for storage as a lot of homes just don’t have the area to store a van.

A campervan on the other hand can usually be parkes in a driveway or out in front of your home as it’s secure and smaller than your van with a car attached.

For more information about a Camper V Motorhome or to look for campers for sale get in touch with the team and we’ll take you through the best campers, motorhomes and caravans for your next adventure.

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