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Did you know that Australia has around 750,000 recreational vehicles registered? Isn’t it amazing? The Australian caravan and camping sectors employ 53,000 people directly, produce 25,000 vehicles per year, service over 740,000 vehicles on the road, generate 12 million journeys and 60 million tourist nights across the country. Caravans have long inspired every Aussie’s dream for travelling across Australia as … Read More
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A caravanning Christmas is one of the most unique experiences and a privilege that most Aussies get to indulge in at some time or another. Nothing beats an obscure outback destination in the middle of the desert while you are lying on stretchers and getting mesmerized by a star-studded night sky. Occasional howls from the dingoes just add another level … Read More
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Whether you own a motorhome already or you’re looking at buying on our helpful tips below will make sure you’re organised, relaxed and ready for anything. From experienced travellers comes this handy hint for your next motorhome adventure. Making Space: Living in a motorhome of caravan can sometimes feel a little cramped, especially if you like some home cooking while … Read More
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If you’re going to set out on that big adventure and plan on being away in your new van for longer than a weekend, you can almost be certain that at some point on your journey you’re going to have drive in, sit in and entertain yourself in the rain. From driving safely to making sure the kids don’t drive … Read More