Choosing the Right One: Camper Trailer, Campervan, Caravan or Motorhome

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Every year more and more people take to the road to explore everything Australia has to offer. With the increase in traffic and demand for the right adventure vehicle comes many variants of the caravan.

If there’s 1 thing you can count on the great country it’s that every person that decides to live their life on the road will want to do it differently. Some will want to go bush and live off the grid with minimal facilities and a low carbon footprint. Others will want to do it in style and basically tow a mini version of their home behind a luxury 4wd. However you plan on seeing Australia make sure you make the right choice the first time on the type of vehicle you buy.

You’ll see plenty of articles on “RV’s”. This stands for Recreational Vehicle and can mean a lot of things, so let’s take a journey from the most basic set up to the most luxurious and everything in between.

Camper Trailers

These are your cheapest and easiest to tow. They are basically a tent on a trailer as the name suggests. It can comfortably sleep anywhere from 2 adults to the entire family with a huge range of add on rooms and facilities. The basics you need to know about camper trailers are that in tent features are limited. There won’t be any bathroom or indoor kitchen. No air conditioning or heating either.

Camping Trailers

If you’re used to sleeping in a tent then this will be the next logical step. It will be much more comfortable, you’ll be off the ground and you can get quite a few luxuries in the shape of pull our BBq’s, taps and storage.

They range from a basic set up that is very much erected like a tent, to the more flash pull out or pop up options that fold out making a hard floor. They are great to tow, have low drag and therefore make them more fuel efficient behind your car. You can also tow them with just about anything. Talk to an expert if you’re looking to buy a camper.


When it comes to campervans, think 60’s hippy revolution with the VW combi van and a surfer couple living off the land. These are usually vans, or small utes that are converted into a small version of a caravan. They are a house and a car rolled into 1 and therefore pretty much requires no setup when you get to camp.

They are easy to drive as you aren’t technically towing anything and they come in a few sizes making it easy to find what you’re after. Your biggest challenge here is that if you stop somewhere for a while and want to duck out for some fish and chips you either have to pack up your van, or carry a bike or other vehicle that you can use once you’re set up. This can be a bit of an inconvenience if you want to base yourself somewhere and travel around site seeing.


Caravans have been around for many many years and come in a huge range. The main thing that makes them a caravan is that they are a rigid exterior that you tow behind your car. You can start out at a small Avan Caravan, head to a pop up, or go straight to the luxury of a full van that offers you a full kitchen and bathroom.

Avan - Caravan

There is little set up, but you can add an awning for longer stays or more people. You can also have all the luxuries of home with a full bathroom, air conditioning and heating. TV’s and microwaves can also be added so the world really is your oyster.

They can get quite expensive, and also heavy so make sure before you make a decision to buy a caravan you speak to the experts about your current tow vehicle and it’s capacity.


These are the bees knees so to speak of the van world. They are your home away from home on 4 wheels and can come with anything you can imagine for a price. They are much larger vans than your campervan but work on the same concept that are a converted large van. They can sleep up to 6 people comfortably and can have full pop-out sections to give you a large lounge, bigger bedroom or spacious bathroom.

Avan Motorhome

If you’re looking to live on the road permanently, or travel Australia for many months at a time, you may want to look at investing in one of these. You can’t go past the space, comfort and roominess of a motorhome.

Once again, before you buy a motorhome, talk to the experts and make sure that it is what you want and that you’re comfortable driving such a large van.

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