Christmas Caravan Decoration Ideas


Christmas is the perfect time to set out in your caravan, or head out to buy a new caravan ready for the Christmas holidays. If you’re looking for that perfect holiday companion, there are so many caravan for sale in NSW and all around Australia, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Merry Christmas Caravan

It’s also that special time of the year when we perform the traditional hunt for a parking space at the local Westfields. Usually, we drive around the parking lot looking for a shopper leaving the premises. Then we follow her with the same reverence and zeal as the three wise men, who followed a star to find what they were looking for!

This Christmas, let’s build on that awesome tradition of cold backyard cricket and make it better with a road trip. Whether you’re sprucing up your old van with Christmas decorations or you’re heading out on your maiden voyage after buying a new caravan your Christmas will be the best you’ve had so far, out on the open road.

Before you hit the bitumen in your version of Rudolf, here are some Christmas decoration ideas for your mighty house on wheels.

Tree-some Christmas

This is one decoration we can’t do without. Nothing reminds you it’s Christmas better than a Christmas tree. For your caravan, you can buy a small tree that will sit on the table as an evergreen reminder of the season. Don’t forget some sturdy double-sided tape to keep it upright on the move.

You may choose trees that have fibre optic lights on them so that you don’t have to worry about fiddling with it to put lights on. But if you want to have fun with it, go ahead and adorn it with baubles, bells, bows and santas.

Put your Christmas tree under the awning, and it turns your trip into a colourful, even sentimental, reminder of the season.

Tinsel mania

Add some sparkle to your caravan with tinsel, the staple decoration during Christmas. You can even hang them from your awning to create a festive display.

There are some vintage-inspired metallic tinsel trees and garlands to add some glamour to your caravan. Tinsel signs and disco balls can also be added to turn up the heat.

Tinsel is great for caravans because it is lightweight and stays securely in place while you’re on the road. You may use Blu Tack or sticky tape to put it around the ceiling of your caravan.

Sparkling fairy lights

An abundantly lit up caravan captures the excitement of holidays. Fairy lights are both quaint and nostalgic illuminating the holiday spirit in your caravan. Do you remember the hours you spent untangling the fairy lights year after year?

Modern lights are virtually impossible to knot and quite attractive coming in different colours. They can be easily shaped to line your caravan and awning for the classic Christmas sparkle.

Caravan Christmas Decoration

Fun-filled stockings

Usually, it’s a decoration on the mantelpiece, but there are plenty of other places you can hang them inside a caravan or under the awning. They are lightweight and easy to secure. You could buy new ones or try out creative DIYs.

Isn’t it a nice surprise, during the caravan trip, to wake up on Christmas morning to find a little treat inside the stocking? You just need to remember to drop a few hints to your caravan partner before Christmas Eve!

Let there be candles!

Everything looks magical with Christmas candles. The passionate glow from it transforms any atmosphere into a delightful and unforgettable experience.

You can light up your camp table with candles in candle holders made from recycled glass jars, milk and juice bottles or even with coca-cola cans cut into shape. Let your creativity burst out and decorate them with glitter pens, twine or ribbon.

Ribbons & bows

Putting ribbons and bows on the caravan cabinets will make them look like presents. You can select ribbons that match the other decorations to create a theme. Push your festive spirit a little higher by putting up a wreath in front of your caravan with lights on the sides and top.

There are big fancy bows available, and you can put them on trees, wreaths, presents, almost everywhere.

A few more things

Before you take your caravan out or head out to buy a new caravan make sure the battery and alternator are charged. You don’t want to find out about the power after you decorate it with lights.

Also, remember to take all your decorations down once the festive season is over and store your caravan in a safe place.

Christmas, here again. Let us raise our glasses to peace on earth, goodwill to all and a new adventure on the road.

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