We’re Dreaming of a Caravanning Christmas


A caravanning Christmas is one of the most unique experiences and a privilege that most Aussies get to indulge in at some time or another. Nothing beats an obscure outback destination in the middle of the desert while you are lying on stretchers and getting mesmerized by a star-studded night sky. Occasional howls from the dingoes just add another level of mystique around it. If you can add surfing on the sunny beaches of Queensland or fishing in Karumba to your itinerary, you may return back home with the widest smile on your face.

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Most Aussies are familiar with these nostalgic memories and even though the crowd has increased along with camping fees and noise, many of us count down the days throughout the year for a caravanning week over Christmas. Here are some tips that may get you closer to your ideal caravanning Christmas:

1. Quiet Comes at a Price

Christmas is the ideal and the craziest time for camping, but we just can’t help it. Everything contributes to the chaos, from boats and bikes to dogs and kids. It’s a once in a year escapade from the mundane life every family experiences where kids make new pals and parents do the same while watching over their kids.

If you have left all that behind, then you need to avoid the famous destinations and hunt down camps that provide more solitude. Destinations in the wilderness may not have basic facilities and more restrictions, but it is a small price to pay for leaving the crowd behind.

2. Strategise Your Supplies

If you plan to go on an adventure to that new destination, you need to do a lot of research and fully prepare for your camping destination, everything from firewood to drinking water. Some places may have a fire ban as well. A shelter isn’t guaranteed all times at these destinations. So, you may want to pack up an additional tarp for your caravan. Also, the weather may not be cooperative. So, preparing for rain isn’t a bad choice either.

Self-sufficiency is key when you are going off the beaten track and you need to stock up on gas bottle refills and generators. Make sure you don’t forget essentials like multitools, lighters, and rechargeable batteries.

3. The Vehicle

With so much preparation and packing to do, you may forget about the most important thing, your vehicle. Ignoring maintenance issues can come back to bite you later. Don’t let it be overdue for service. Have your mechanic take a look and check up on every aspect including top-up fluids. You can also plan your route and mark the fuel stops on the way or account for bad weather.

If you want to get some spare parts or upgrade to a new caravan, Avan NSW has some of the best caravans, campers, and motorhomes in Sydney. Whether you want to buy a caravan that is used or new, you will have a smooth experience here with our friendly staff and easy access to finance.

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