Motorhomes – The Essential Checks you Need to Know


Road tripping is a great way to see our beautiful country, but if something goes wrong on a remote outback road, you’re in for one hell of a time. There are many essential checks you should be doing before each and every road trip in your Motorhome. Whether you have a new or used motorhome, your checks are going to be the same.

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When it comes to travel, it’s always safety first. A motorhome is a big house on wheels and there’s a hell of a lot of weight that needs to be stopped safely every time. Before you set off, make sure your brakes are in working order with enough brake pads to get you there and back again. While you’re at it, check the other major safety aspects as well. Worn tyres can make for a slippery and scary drive if you’re caught in the rain and shock absorbers that aren’t in tip top shape won’t be any good if you hit that dirt road to your campsite. Don’t forget that Motorhome approved tyres are not the same as your average car tyre. Fit the wrong tyres and you’re in for a major blow out (In your tyres and your budget).


Whether it’s lighting up a dark road, or simply needing a bit of light to set up camp, if your headlights, indicators and parking lights are faulty your trip will be harder and darker than you want.

It’s pretty scary to think how many Motorhomes have come in fresh from a trip away and the indicators or even brake lights aren’t working. You’ve got enough blind spots without creating one for the cars behind you. Letting people know where you’re going when you’re much bigger than them isn’t just about your safety but the safety of everyone around you.


When you think of fluids, just don’t think of oil. Ensure that all your fluids are topped up including your oil, brake fluid, windscreen wipers and of course drinking water. Mother nature can sometimes be very cruel and get you stuck. It wouldn’t be the first time campers got stuck somewhere they were never meant to stay, for days at a time. Make sure you’ve got enough water to get you by.


Try everything, and when we say everything, we mean anything that has an on switch, turn it on!! Go through your Motorhome and do a once over of all your electronics. Turn on your fridge, air conditioner and heating Try out your stove top and test all your power points. Make sure satellites are working and TV’s are turning on. We can’t think of anything much worse than getting to your dream spot and finding you in a monsoon with no TV and no working power points to charge your devices.

Map updates

Lastly check your Apps. Make sure you have the latest version of all your camping and caravanning apps while you have strong Wi-Fi to update to the latest versions if you need. Don’t get stuck sitting in a local McDonalds just so you can use the free public Wi-Fi.

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