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Restrictions are easing and everyone is excited to get back on the road this winter. That being said, most of our caravans have been sitting in storage for some months now and we haven't taken them out since last summer so now is the time to take a look at what will make our winter trip the one to remember. If you’re about to embark on your 1st new caravan, this list will help you know what to add on from the start.


With everyone making the mad dash to the nearest van park, you won;t want to forget to secure your van and your belongings in what is looking to be a very busy time on the road. Make sure you take a look at what security you have in place already and maybe get some upgraded features for your next trip.

Your caravan is a major investment so you’ll want to make sure you have a hitch lock to prevent any unauthorised towing.

And although this stops someone taking your van, it doesn’t stop them breaking in. There are now some great alarms on the market to stop unauthorised entry. You can even alarm your locks to make doubly sure your van is secure while you're out exploring.

 Solar power

Winters are going to be cold, Brrrrrr, so you’ll want as much power as you can handle to keep that heater going on those cold nights.

With the emergence of many more free camping sites across the country fitting your can with Solar has become an essential part of your caravan set up. We don’t think it’s an option anymore, you really shouldn’t be driving off without it. It is so convenient and also so environmentally friendly it seems like a no brainer.

And with the world being so connected, you know it’s not just the kettle that’s going to need charging!


How can you sit and watch a thunderstorm if you have no outdoor cover? An Awning is essential to giving yourself room to move around and still be undercover. It also gives you a place to relax and reflect, but still be out of the elements.

A pull out awning gives you a roof and you can attach sides as well if you hit some windy weather or the sun is simply too amazing and blinds your eyes. You can also secure insect screens so that you can still sit out and admire the stars without those pesky flies and mosquitoes. They are also a great idea if you’re travelling with your furry friend and would rather them be in an enclosed area.

Safety Add ons

When you’re looking at being on the road for a long time you may want tio look into a few safety add ons to make your trip a little easier. You can now add Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to help handle any towing emergencies. These systems are specifically designed to detect dangerous swerving and help bring it under control. It can also reduce stopping distances.

GPS trackers are also another great add on to give you a little peace of mind that if the unbearable happens and you get back from your day out to no caravan, that you can track it down and recover it quickly.

When you buy your caravan make sure you take into account exactly what you need it to do and ensure you fit it with everything you need to be safe and comfortable on the go.

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