Best Reasons Caravans are a Great Investment


Best CaravansHow do your holiday? If you love to get off the beaten track and holiday around Australia at caravan parks, then buying your own van could be a great investment. No more huge park fees and having to go to the same place over and over again, with your own van you can get out and take in the road less travelled. There are many reasons why investing in your own van is better than paying someone else, so below we will explore our top reasons why buying a caravan is a great investment.

Get what you want

When you buy a caravan you can guarantee that you get exactly what you and your family need to go on holiday and enjoy your time together. There are so many New caravans for sale that you will be seriously spoiled for choice. How often have you turned up at your pre-booked accommodation only to find out that it isn't what you thought it was? Owning your own van means you no longer have to wonder, you can pre-pack, jump in the car and wherever you end up, you know you have everything you need.

Less pack and unpack time

Once you have your van set up you can add in all your essentials that can simply stay in your van. Old clothes, extra jackets and shoes and all your must have pantry items. This way you don’t have to think of every little thing when you are about to set off, 90% of it can already be there ready and waiting. All you need to do is throw clothes and food in the car and you’re ready to go.

Great return when you’re done

If you find that life gets in the way and you no longer travel like you used to, you have an asset that can be sold off and that money re-invested elsewhere. You can also upgrade and trade your old van in for something bigger with more features when you need it.

Less ongoing costs

One of the biggest things to consider when going on holiday is that outlay of accommodation money. You need to save that up before you can go and that can mean you go for less time as accommodation through holiday periods can get very expensive. With your new caravan hitched up all you need to pay is a powered site at your favourite park, or even better set it up with things like solar and an extra water tank and you can practically free camp your way around Australia with little to no outlay for accommodation.

Lastly - It’s all yours

Most people find it hard to pre plan their holidays further than a month in advance with work commitments and kids sport. Then once you do decide on dates sometimes they end up changing as the accommodation you want simply isn’t available at the time. Once you have your new caravan set up, you can pretty much go anytime you like with little or no notice as there are many more powered sites available compared to cabins or holiday homes in peak times.

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