Setting Up Your Caravan for the First Time


Planning your first caravan trip? You’re in the right place!

It’s an exciting time, and if you do it right you’re about to soak in the new experience with it’s awesome highs and all new adventures. However, it’s also a big step.

Caravanning brings a whole new dimension to your holiday. You’re going to be out in the elements, and your planning includes bizarre things like can I park in a carpark? Can I pull up next to that beach? and what do I do with my dog if I need to shop or see a National Park?

While some of you want to just sit back and enjoy a coldie, for others, the work is not yet done.

Setting up the caravan for the first time could seem a little unsettling when you start out, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re setting it up a brand new caravan or decking out a used caravan, the following suggestions should help. don’t forget to take notes, add this blog to favourites or share it to your email so it’s always handy.

Getting Ready

The eagerness to hit the road can be uncontrollable once you get your brand new or used caravan. However, you need to take some time to familiarise yourself with the caravan and it’s accessories. You may go through the owner’s manual or look up the brand website for most of the functional features, but learning the intricacies of awning set up and hitching and unhitching can still take time.

It’s always advisable to practice setting up and dismantling before you start the trip so that you know what to expect and how long it’s likely to take.

Caravan or recreational vehicle motor home trailer on a freeway road

Packing for the Trip

Once you have the basic idea of how things work, let’s look at packing. Have a checklist of things like wheel chocks, table and chairs, outdoor rugs, and other things that will make your camper life comfortable.

Check the amenities at your selected campsite like electricity, water, firewood, etc. It’s even better to carry your own supplies in case the site is busy or runs out of those amenities.

Get your caravan serviced, especially if it’s a used caravan. If you’re looking for a New caravan for sale, check the reviews and any inherent issues with your selected brand, and make sure you purchase from a reputable New caravan dealer with a good reputation.

Caravan Setup

After entering the site, you park up in the new arrivals bay and check in at the reception. The site manager will let you know what and where the services are and what caravan sites are available. Please stick to the on-site speed limit as you will find children running around and other caravans parking up. Stay in first gear and be vigilant.

Hopefully you’ve checked out the park map and selected a spot close to water for afternoon snoozes. But before you connect anything, make sure the handbrake is on and the jockey wheel attached. Before lowering the stabiliser legs, use wheel chocks for stabilising.

Once the caravan is stable and secure, attach all the connections (water, power, drainage, etc.) Turn on the power management system, and ensure all appliances and connections are working.

Think about how the awnings are placed and how the sunlight will move through the day. Avoid facing your door and awnings towards the sun for a cooler afternoon.

Off-Grid Setup

When you’re ready to venture out camping off-grid, you need careful planning as you won’t have access to any official campsite amenities. You need to bring plenty of fuel for the generator, fully-charged batteries, filled-up water tanks, gas cylinder refills, etc. For the off-grid campsite, look for a firm and level ground away from roads and waterways. Trees are good for shade but could be dangerous when it’s windy. So judge and choose the site carefully.

Secure the caravan, set up the awnings and roll out mats and furniture as needed. You may also need to check for any ant hills, spiderwebs, and any other signs of local wildlife that could be potentially dangerous. Ensure any fires you light are completely extinguished before you leave the site.

Take your time to thoroughly clean up after yourself. While you enjoy nature during camping, you don’t want to leave any waste or rubbish behind and spoil it for others. Let’s keep in mind that we need to leave our surroundings better than we found it.

Take the time to do things properly and safely so that you keep everybody else safe too. All these might start to sound like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, you might enjoy doing it.

With a variety of new and used caravans for sale, along with tips and suggestions for your first caravan setup, dealers in Sydney have a lot to offer for our fellow campervanning enthusiasts.

Welcome to caravanning!

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