Spring is Here: Get your Caravan Ready


Winter is almost a memory and Spring is about to be upon us. It’s this time of the year that the grey nomads and travellers alike have itchy feet and just want to get out on the road. Before you head off on your grand spring adventure be sure to check your caravan thoroughly and ensure that everything is ready for that first trip after hibernation.


Start with a Visual

Uncover that home on wheels and visually check that everything is safe and sound, check for any leaks that have sprung up through the winter months, check any awnings or canvass for rips or tears and also check any fly screens and windows. While you’re doing your visual check, make sure you do an underbody inspection to see if there are any visible oil or water leaks.


In most campervans or motorhomes there will be more than 1 battery so make sure you don’t forget your dual battery system in your inspections. Turn everything on and ensure that no batteries have died over the winter months. Hopefully you disconnected your battery throughout winter and now you’re ready to reconnect and test.

Clean and dry your batteries removing any dirt and grime. Ensure everything is tight and secure including your terminals, clamps and screws. Lastly test your battery with a voltmeter or hydrometer.

Batteries have a finite life span, but with proper maintenance you’ll get the most years out of them. If you’re unsure as to how to check any component your local caravan service centre can help you out.

Tyres and Wear and Tear Items

If your van has been sitting around for months on end while it was too cold to get out on the road you’ll want to ensure your tyre pressure is right, that there are no flat spots on your tyres and that they are in a generally good condition. Tyres do expire and they are also susceptible to UV damage from the sun if you haven’t had them covered throughout winter.

Lastly check your wear indicators and make sure you still have plenty of tread.

The best way to ensure that your tyres are in their best shape is to lift them off the ground if possible, cover them or simply drive around the block once in a whale to stop those flat spots.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Once you’ve inspected all you can the only thing left to do is take your motorhome or RV out for a drive. This will shake everything up, let the oil warm and tell you if there’s anything that’s going to rattle or roll around that you’ll need to secure before the big trip.

Once you get back from your test drive, let your motorhome cool down and recheck your levels to ensure that they have stayed the same and there are no hidden leaks.

In the end you can take your Motorhome or RV to a certified service centre for a checkup, you never know once there you may decide to upgrade and buy a new camper instead!

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