Spring is Here! Time for Adventure


Ahhhh the smell of fresh flowers and the feeling of a little sun on your face brings back the urge to take off and explore the world in your caravan. Let’s face it, we’ve just spent the best part of 3 months cooped up inside with the heater running, only venturing out the front door to get bread and milk and then sulk back inside to the warmth.

Coming out of a cold winter all we want to do when spring is finally here is to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. Before you take off, don’t forget that your caravan has been in hibernation as well throughout the winter months and there will be some things you’ll want to check and update before you go.

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Test, Check and Test Again!!!!

The last thing you need is to finally head off on your first spring trip and get there with no cold beer or wine. Everything electronic or that contains a battery should be checked and tested before you go to make sure the winter months downtime haven’t drained them or damaged anything. Run your fridges, freezers and air conditioning (because hopefully you’ll need it) to ensure they all function as intended. Use your stove tops and start your microwave. If you’ve got a motorhome also make sure you run the whole RV and check the battery fluid levels.

Update your Apps

Nowadays there are plenty of apps that we use to find free camp spots, the latest traffic updates and directions to the next destination. Make sure there are no new updates for all your apps and that you are running the latest version of each app. Do all your phone updates before you end up in the outback with sketchy Wi-Fi connections. Don't miss out on a new camp spot due to old platforms.

Also check out your app store for any new apps that are out that may help you find that hidden gem whilst your on the road. There are new ones popping up all the time so keep an eye out.

Weather Proofing

We know it’s spring, but if there’s anything consistent about mother nature its that she isn’t very consistent… It could feel nice and fresh this week, but it could just as easily turn cold and rainy while you’re out looking for the sun.

Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve rolled out that awning, make sure you check for weather spots, wear and tear and holes in awnings and extensions. Ensure you know where all your poles are and that they are in good condition. You’ll want to stock up on any small missing part from your local supplier before you get there and realise your missing a crucial part.

All the Safety Stuff

Make sure you do a visual check on axles, tyres and the undercarriage. Also, remember it’s not just about the van, you’ll be towing it with your trusty steed so make sure you do a safety check and get a service before hitting the open road. Get them to check your brakes, tyres and fluid levels. Ensure your windscreen wipers are working and your air con / heating is sorted so the journey there is comfortable and enjoyable.


This may be your year to upgrade from your entry level van to a bigger better one. If you’d rather upgrade than check your old van go ahead and start looking for your next adventure wagon. There’s no need to go new if you don’t feel the need, there are plenty of great value, good quality second hand motorhomes for sale all over the country. You could go from no ensuite to a full ensuite for your next year of adventure.

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