Staying Fit While On the Road


You have a dream.

You’re sitting in your motorhome, parked on the beach, watching the beautiful sunrise. After a 10-mile run, you’re doing yoga. When you’re done, the morning becomes complete with vegemite toast and a fruit smoothie.

When you woke up, you felt serenely happy which lasted for exactly 3 seconds. It turns out that you overslept in your motorhome, not a fan of running or yoga or healthy eating. Your beer belly almost blocks the sight of your feet. You think how ravenously hungry you are all the time! It’s something you never thought of while searching “used motorhomes for sale near me”.

Becoming lazy and happily procrastinating anything that involves any kind of limb movement is easier to do in a motorhome. We sit all day and eat all just as much. It’s just the opposite of what we thought we would do while looking at buying a caravan.

Let’s discuss some ideas to inspire all motorhome adventure seekers and washed-up active lifestyle aspirants to move a little and stay fitter on your road trip.

Staying Fit

Getting Up from Behind the Wheel

When you’re in the great outdoors and the weather is fine, it’s not tough to get some daily exercise for you and your family. Running, bushwalking, kayaking, hill climbing, hiking, swimming and a lot more can keep all of you active and burn some calories.

If you’re a sucker for structure, you may develop an exercise routine that fits in with your travelling schedule. You can be incredibly fit and active even during your adventure road trip.

Some of the exercises you can easily do on a road trip are:

Walking: Do easy walking for 2 minutes, the 1 minute of walking long strides to help with the hip mobility and then 20 seconds of rapid walking. Repeat the pattern 4 times.

Sit-up: Put your back against the wall of your motorhome and slide your back down until your leg muscles are flexed. While core muscles get engaged, hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat.

Balancing: Stand up and balance yourself on one leg for 20 seconds. Then shift the leg and stand on it for another 20 seconds. Repeat.

Push-up: You can do normal push-ups on the floor or use a bench or table or bullbar. Move your feet back comfortably, bend your elbows to lower your chest, push back up and straighten your arms. Repeat 20 times.

Stepping: Use the step at the front door of your motorhome for this exercise. With one leg, step up and back down. Repeat the same 20 times. Then swap the legs and continue.

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Paddle Boarding

Beaches are a popular destination among travellers. Most of them stay near the coastal area and wake up every morning to catch some waves along with the sunrise. Paddle boarding can give you an intense workout depending on the wind and water conditions. Your paddling style also influences the amount of energy you spend.

This is more of a sport than a casual workout. It heavily exercises your core muscles, lower back, quads and calves.

However, paddle boarding could be a high-risk activity if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re a beginner look for the local clubs, or people about to give you some tips.

Hydration, Nutrition and Sleep

While planning your fitness regime while on the road, you should pay attention to these 3 things – hydration, nutrition and sleep. They are all interconnected and should be a part of your fitness goals.

Workouts are going to suck if your water intake is poor and you haven’t eaten well in days. You will realise these things impact your quality of life like the negative effect alcohol had on your performance, how much better you slept if you worked out on that day, and how much different you felt during a workout if you had a healthy meal.

Take note of these differences and don’t hesitate to tweak your habits. Being on the road is no reason to sleep less or eat unhealthy. Following healthy habits and working out involves discomfort and hard work that is not always fun. The real fun comes with time and proving that your health and wellbeing matters.

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