Tips in Searching for the Perfect Luxury Motorhome


When is a motorhome, not just a motorhome? When it’s a luxury Motorhome. We’re not just talking about having an ensuite and a kitchen table, we’re looking at the luxury inclusions you can get to make your Motorhome truly remarkable. Obviously the first step to owning a luxury Motorhome is budget. Set it, stick to it and get the most bang for your buck when you follow our tips below.


You’ll want one of these!! It is so easy to keep spending when you look at all the fantastic upgrades you can get in your new Motorhome. It’s easy to take a base model and add tens of thousands of dollars if you’re not careful on things you don’t really need. Make sure you have a price range if possible instead of a hard budget to give you room to move if you do see those stunning upgraded taps that would make life on the road just that little bit more special.


Luxury and space go hand in hand. If you’re looking for the ultimate touring vehicle and you’re thinking of doing that full lap around Australia you’ll want room to move. Luxury isn’t always about the highest quality features, it’s also about the quality of life your Motorhome will provide you whilst you're on the road and if you’re travelling with someone this is going to include space to have some downtime and simply be able to appreciate your surroundings.

Climate control

Don’t scrimp and save on this one. There are plenty of ways to stay warm and cool in any climate, but nothing will beat a Motorhome that you can adjust to keep you cosy all year round. Don’t forget that you may set off from Melbourne mid winter and only be thinking about your heater, but when you reach the top end you’ll be cursing if you don’t have an excellent air conditioner as well.


If you want to make sure that your Motorhome looks the part you may want to consider the real leather upgrades to your seating arrangements. You can get a range of colours and the feel of sitting on a leather lounge in the comfort of your Motorhome will never get old. Imagine watching TV in a national park on your own leather lounge...Priceless.

Appliance Upgrades

All Motorhomes will come standard with a small stovetop, fridge etc, but you need to think of how much you’ll want to hold at a time and what your cooking style is like. Some people can get away with cooking BBQ’s every night but there really will be no better feeling if you hit a cold patch than being able to cook up a roast in the comfort of your climate controlled Motorhome. Check out what upgrades are available for things like Fridges, stovetops and ovens.


The same will go for your ensuite. They will all have a toilet and shower, but do you really want to be sitting on your toilet to have a shower? Take a look at any and all upgrades to this space to make sure you feel clean and rested after a long hot shower without having to use a shared amenities block at a caravan park.

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