What Features Do I Need in My Caravan?

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In the market for a new or used motorhome, caravan or camping trailer? Getting overwhelmed by the number of options and add-ons that many campers and caravans come equipped with? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of essential features that we believe make an ordinary caravan into one that is a delight to own and use. By following this list, choosing your ad ons will be easy and stress free.



It's difficult to explain the importance of good interiors because everyone's definition of comfort is different. Imagine you are away from home, camping in your RV, and it rains nonstop for a couple of days. Would you be able to stay comfortable in your new caravan? Ensuring that there is enough natural light and space will determine how enjoyable your experience is.


Even though we get a new caravan to spend our time outside, you still need to ensure you have a good seating arrangement inside. The dining area is the focal point of your indoor living space. The weather may not let you sit outside every day, or you may require some alone time during a trip. A good seat must be comfortable and roomy. You may also consider adjustable and foldable footrests.

Internal Lighting

It is good if the inside lighting is adjustable for different times of the day and activities. You'll need sufficient illumination in the kitchen area to see what you're doing, yet may want to have mood lighting for watching TV. The lighting should be enough to let you sit and read a book without straining your eyes. Think about recessed LED light strips for the overhead cupboards and at the bottom to provide floor illumination to add to the experience.


You're most likely to spend your vacation in your new caravan during the hot summer months. Caravans and RVs can get pretty hot inside in summer. Large windows and roof ventilation are necessary. A roof vent or a skylight that can open and let the air out is standard on most vans. The Four Seasons hatch is better located above the bed for less light but sufficient ventilation. A skylight in the dining and kitchen room can provide an added sense of space inside, as well as a big vent to allow heat and cooking odours to escape.

Air Conditioning

If you're in a caravan park with 240v mains power, your van will most likely be in direct sunlight. A low profile ceiling air conditioner with a remote is essential to keep you cool and protect your head from bumps.

Electrical System

If you're thinking about doing some free camping, you'll need a good 12v electrical setup based on your electricity demand. Everything must run off a self-contained system, and the batteries need enough recharging systems, both solar and mains-powered, to guarantee that you can get a chargeback into them as soon as possible, regardless of the weather. A decent grade 25 amp charger is required for two 100ah batteries. Ensure you get quality gear that is available off the shelf for easy replacement or repair.


Loading a caravan and loading a camper trailer are two distinct processes. Most camper trailers feature a single large storage room that can hold substantial weight, whereas caravans have many smaller compartments but minimal bulk storage. This means you'll need to think carefully about the equipment and extras you'll need to bring along, as well as how you'll keep them in your new van. You'll want to be able to access the items you use daily conveniently as well as have enough storage.

Outdoor Living Area

You'll want a convenient and easy-to-use outdoor living area for the time you will spend outside your RV. An essential item is a good rollout awning that is simple to install and dismantle. Your weatherproofed entertainment systems should extend to your outdoor space. A drop-down table mounted on the side of your truck is also a must-have.

Build Quality and Protection

Always inspect underneath caravans and examine the construction. Because the chassis is made of steel, it will be sturdy and withstand a lot of abuse. Galvanized chassis are resistant to rust. If you plan on doing any form of off-road touring, good underbody protection for vulnerable parts like your water tanks and electrical systems is essential. Bump stops and recovery hooks, for example, add to the van's aptitude for outback expeditions.

Quality Wheels

Make sure your van is equipped with high-quality wheels and tyres. You will need to have enough spares. They are usually attached to the van's rear bumper, which has to be connected properly to prevent accidents due to it falling off.

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Quality Tow Hitch

These need to be durable and dependable as they are the only point of contact between your caravan and the vehicle. Look for well-known brands. Standard ball joints are adequate, but they are prone to movement, which when transferred to the towing vehicle can make the trip unpleasant. A DO-35 hitch is a better choice. It's simple to connect, secure, and there's no movement in the system except to allow for articulation of the hitch itself, making it very comfortable to tow.

The Small Big Things

The little things that a caravan maker includes on their vans indicate their competence in the field. Little items like safety chain hooks, a flush-fitting gas bayonet, an exterior shower with hot and cold running water, a sturdy shower door with a firm lock to keep it shut while in transportation, and a good supply of power points and 12v outlets throughout the van. A conveniently situated illuminated main 12v switch you can access on your way out or back into the van. Though they do not seem very important at first, all these items soon become the types of amenities that make life in your van a delight.

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