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Did you know that Australia has around 750,000 recreational vehicles registered? Isn't it amazing? The Australian caravan and camping sectors employ 53,000 people directly, produce 25,000 vehicles per year, service over 740,000 vehicles on the road, generate 12 million journeys and 60 million tourist nights across the country. Caravans have long inspired every Aussie's dream for travelling across Australia as a quintessential aspect of the Australian culture. With its spectacular landscapes, rugged terrains, and serene air, Australia is the dream destination for travellers.

Because of its natural beauty, Australia is arguably the best country in the world for camping and caravan holidays. With vast roads that are excellent for carrying around that heavy camper trailer or RV – and plenty of wide-open areas in which to pitch a tent – getting out and camping somewhere in the great outdoors is easy to accomplish from anywhere in the country. Caravanning on the weekends or during vacations in Australia is as natural as eating when hungry. It has become a part of the travel lives of around 24.8 million Australians. An excellent camping vacation necessitates beautiful, sunny, and warm weather. Whether you want to rough it out in the Northern Territory's desert with an unpowered campsite or keep things a bit more civilised in a holiday park in regional Victoria, Australia offers you great options.

Why Caravans?

Travelling and taking a vacation in Australia can be expensive. Accommodation, transport, activities, personal necessities, and a slew of other expenses that you may not be aware of all add up quickly. Travelling in a caravan saves money and provides a lot more than a typical vacation. A caravan is more than a vehicle; it's a mobile dwelling. Today almost every caravan is equipped with basic amenities such as a stove, sink, bed, and sometimes a shower and toilet. On top of that, you can customise it within limits, both inside and out, such as with an awning, allowing you to sit outside in the shade after a long day of driving.

Caravanning in Australia is possible most of the year because of the favourable weather conditions. You don't have to be concerned about locating a place before organising a trip. Whether hot and humid, rainy or chilly, you will always have a designated campground to visit. And if you do get caught in harsh weather, remember that you have your house on your back, just like a snail or a turtle! You can find a good spot and wait it out.

We are proud to claim that Australia produces the best caravans on the market. The unique nature of camping adventure in the country necessitates a proper grasp of Australia, from the different terrains to the fantastic traveller attitude. A caravan manufacturer based in Australia will hold a unique position in this regard.

Australia's top caravan manufacturers conduct cutting-edge design and technical research to develop the ideal caravan for you. Engineers in Australia better understand the available materials and what is required to improve the caravan's structural integrity. Australian steel, for example, is regarded as one of the best in the world. Local manufacturers utilise it to construct durable caravans. That, along with their understanding of vulnerable places and load distribution, resulted in caravans that can handle any road in Australia.

Avan Caravans

Avan, an Australian brand, has been around for almost 20 years. They offer campervans, pop tops, hardtops, and motorhomes, offering something for everyone, no matter what they are looking for. Their impressive catalogue ensures that buyers have many options to choose from based on their needs and taste. The offerings from Avan consist of a variety of models in each range, such as the Applause and Ovation motorhome series and the Aspire and Infinity hardtop models, providing buyers with lots of options.

Avan also supplies spare parts for your motorhome and caravan throughout Australia, with locations displayed online, taking the stress out of any maintenance work you may require.

Avan offers excellent value for money, with a low cost of operation and extraordinary features and amenities. It is tough to beat Avan for the quality of interiors, the ease of towing/driving, overall satisfaction, and after-sales support. Visit our website to learn more about our huge variety of used and new caravans at https://www.avannsw.com.au/.

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